Hello again, I am looking for the wisdom of others before deciding whether or not to try this on my own. I have a Ford 1720 with 3300 hours on it. Its been a great tractor and I have been very pleased with it. On my front axle final reduction drive, I have a leak where the upper casing meets the lower casing. See the attached Parts Diagram.

1720 Front Axle Diagram.pdf

From looking at the diagram, it appears there is a seal and bearing at this point which is where the leak is. I am wondering how hard it is to replace this seal (and probably the bearing as well)?

Has anyone done this on their own and how big of a job is it?

Does anyone have any photos of how they did this project? A picture is always worth a thousand words.

I tried to find other posts on this subject but didn't see any for the Ford 1720 so I am hoping I can get some advice from all of my fellow friends here on TBN.