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    Default Re: 1910 Short Circuit

    In all your posting, you have not mentioned if you have a voltmeter. You said you tested the fuses, but didn't describe the method. Anyhow, if the fuse is good, you should have power on the output side. If you have power there, then check the light switch for power coming to it (turned off). Then turn the switch on and check for power leaving the switch. My guess is that you'll either find the fuse was mis-diagnosed as good or the light switch is toasted.

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    Default Re: 1910 Short Circuit

    Quote Originally Posted by Kopierguy View Post
    Am I missing something? Glow plug circuit has not been in the discussion.
    The key switch controls the glowplugs; the glowplug load is carried by the fusible link and ignition switch. Whether discussed or not, a fault in the glowplug circuit could be the cause of the problems. As yet, the OP hasn't explained how any of the troubleshooting has been done, or whether he has and knows how to use a VOM or even a test lamp. Corroded fuseholders are common on old tractors, too.
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