I have several needs for a new tractor, but enough money to buy more than one tractor. My problem is I need enough power and size to plant and bale hay. I also need a larger mower for my 3 to 4 acres of mowing over a very rough yard. My old (1957) "tractor" is ready to retire and my riding mower isn't built for this type yard. I have been looking at New Holland boomers, New Holland TN65, JD 5205 & JD 5105. I think I would be happier with the TN65, 5205 or 5105 but I would like to have a mid mount belly mower. So all that said here is my question, is it possible to mount a belly mower on the TN65, 5205 or 5105? Any problems I should be looking for? I have seen mounted mowers on other tractors of this size, D series Allis's and Ford's. I really want to avoid having to use a 3 point finish mower.

Thanks for the advice in advance,