Hi Guys
New member.. i have a 2002 Nh tc 33. Today went out to start the tractor and it started. I left it running to warm up a little. i think it was
running for about 3-5 minutes when i heard it start to sputter... looked over and noticed a little white smoke coming from exhaust and then
it just quit. walked back over to it and turned key to restart it.. glow plug light came on as did the engine oil pressure warning light and the
battery charge light... the glow plug light never went off... i held the key at the glow plug heat position for about 10 seconds or more. tried
to start it again... the engine turned over well but now won't start. we have had a lot of rain here lately so thought maybe some water in fuel.
took the fuel filter apart and noticed some crap in the bottom... cleaned it out and really need a new filter but not open on the weekend. replace
the filter and tried again... again same thing all lights come on, engine turns over but won't start. thinking might be the glow plugs but not sure
where they are located. any idea where they would be. would like to check them out.
thanks guys for any help.