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    Default Why is my 1725 loud?

    The engine on my 1725 makes a lot of noise. It's not from the exhaust, it's the typical "ratta ratta ratta" diesel engine noise. The 1725 is a 29 hp. My buddy's TC25 with 24 hp engine is very quiet in comparison. Is it just the nature of this engine to be noisey or is there something wrong with it? I guess maybe I need to hear another 29 hp NH tractor to compare. I thought about adding some insulation to the underside of the hood.

    Any thoughts?

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    Default Re: Why is my 1725 loud?

    Go to your local dealer and test drive a 29 or 33 and seem what you think. They should be somewhere around the same as yours but each motor ends up with it's own characteristics.


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    Default Re: Why is my 1725 loud?

    I have a 1720, same tractor more or less, yours might be built with less creature comforts, more for long lasting & durability - such as that fuel shut off you mentioned, wish I had that instead of the selinoid the 1720 comes with. Electrical stuff fails, costs more to fix, and leaves you sitting in the field. A mechanical unit can often be repaired in the short term with baling wire. [img]/forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

    Anyhow, can't really help with noise, unless I hear it. Older & bigger engines will make more noise. How hard would be be to have a mechanic listen to see if it's a piston or wrist pin knocking?


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    Default Re: Why is my 1725 loud?

    I'm pretty sure it's just the nature of the engine. It's definitely the normal ratta ratta ratta diesel sound, just too much of it. I wouldn't think anything of it if wasn't for my buddy's TC25 which is noticeably quieter. But hey, I have 4 more HP.

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