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    Default TC24D FEL Bucket Curls W/Down Presser

    Has any one had this happen when using your FEL. I was moving sand and after dumping, I would go to back scrape and the bucket would no stay in position. When down pressure was applied, it would curl back by itself. The only way I could stop this from happening was to curl the bucket to dump. I call my dealer and he said, check the fittings and see if the balls on the male fittings were working. He said to call him after checking if there was no change. He told me they could correct it during the 50hr scheduled maintenance. I have 40hrs on it now.
    Just wonder what you all think it could be?

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    Default Re: TC24D FEL Bucket Curls W/Down Presser

    If I remember right someone else had this problem. It was an adjustment in the loader valve itself or there was air in the system. If it is air try running your loader up as high as it will go and back down a few times. At the same time I would run you bucket completely back and forth also. Otherwise, take your rig in for it's 50 hour now. Ten hours too soon won't hurt or do some other chores with your tractor to get the hours on it.

    Good luck!!


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