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    Default seat time

    I had some awesome seat time today.

    I was originally going to mow tomorrow with my new-ish NH 7610 and my howse 10' mower I got last week.. but found time today as I'm on vacation.

    After tightening the tail wheel rim bolts on the howse ( found they were finger tight! ).

    I went down the road to my pasture and started to mow. Mowing used to take me about 5 hours with my NH 1920 and 5' mower by the time i loaded and unloaded at the propertry and then back at the house.

    This setup lets me road down to the pasture ( couple miles.. pretty straight shot ) and mow and be back in 2.5 hours. I was amazed! Don't get me wrong.. I love seat time.. it's just that my time is so limited now.. and even the savings of those few hours means I can get alot more work done at the farm on sunday. I mowed in 5th gear ( 1st and HI ) and it was very comfortable.. might have been able to mow a tad faster as the ground is level. Never did get the engine to bog down any.. even in some 3' stuff.. or 2' real thick stuff. The 'grass terminator' came to mind... View sure was better up there too! Larger tires helped with the occasional washout hole.. tractor didn't 'fall in' with those huge tires.

    All in all a great day. Now I need to get my NAA ready for the lighter trim mowing duties with the 5' mower.

    I went out this am to work on her and found a ver large hornets nest under the hood.. say.. 6' wide... At lunch I brought them a can of 'enforcer' brand hornet spray from the hardware store... stood about 10' back and gave it to them... no hornets flew.. but in the end.. I counted about 30 of them on the ground. They died in about a second or so of being doused. Good stuff I guess..


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    Default Re: seat time


    I'm working in Mexico right now, and am glad to read that someone is having the time of their life doing what I love to do between trips. Sounds like a good time was had. I'll be back in the seat hopefully by Aug. 5. Keep on workin' at it, 'cause God is working hard to take it all back. [img]/forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]

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