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    Default Block Heater Install

    Dealer owes me a block heater on my TC33D. He will pick up the tractor and install it or give me the part. I'm leaning toward installing it myslef - hopefully it comes with instructions. Has anyone installed a block beater on one of these tractors? How difficult is it? Thanks

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    You get step by step instructions with the block heater takes less than an hour.

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    Default Re: Block Heater Install

    <font color="blue"> </font>
    1. Drain the anti-freeze
    2. Remove the freeze plug, being careful not to drop anything inside the block or damage anything on the other side of the plug.
    3. Insert the heater and tighten bolt
    4. Tie wrap the cord so it's out of the way
    5. Refill with antifreeze

    As Spencer200 said, about an hour.

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