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    Default Ford 545C skip loader transmission problems

    I have a Ford 545C with transmission problems. I have the 8x8 power reversing transmission. the transmission keeps slipping in and out of gear, after about 5 to 10 minutes of operation. forward or reverse, doesn't matter. same problem and gets worse the longer its running.

    I'm hoping that its something simple and not requiring major work.

    any help will be greatly appreciated

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    Default Re: Ford 545C skip loader transmission problems

    I'm still looking for some help to my transmission troubles. now I have a flat tire. anyway, the tractor will work ok for about an hour with minimal sliping out of gear, if it rests for about 2 to 3 hours I can only get about 30 minutes of use until I have to park it. sometimes it will work better in forward for a while then it starts acting up then reverse works good for a while. when it starts acting up the only way to get it to move is to slow engine speed to low idle then transmission picks up and away we go, (for a minute)

    ok well hope to get some replies


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    Default Re: Ford 545C skip loader transmission problems

    Isn't a 545 a larger commercial type loader - backhoe ? If so you may get a better response in the "Construction Equipment" forum.

    Good Luck......

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    Default Re: Ford 545C skip loader transmission problems

    Well I tried the construction equipment forum and got no response.

    I got the tire fixed so that problem is solved.
    started the tractor up and did a little work on the road for about an hour till the transmission started acting up.

    fired up the computer hoping for a response from the forums but still nothing.

    maybe I should just sell it and buy a new one.

    well anyway, maybe someone out there will feel sorry for me and help!!!!!

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    Default Re: Ford 545C skip loader transmission problems

    Your problem is simple although labor intensive, and slightly exspensive depending on how long this issue has been going on. You fwd/rev clutch packs are slipping. There are basically 3 things that cause it, but when you are in there you will fix all 3 if you do it right. split the tractor at the eng/trans flange, remove the fwd/rev control valve, remove the front trans plate and presto, fwd/rev clutch hub shaft is in your hands. average cost in my shop is $3200.00 parts and labor. [img]/forums/images/graemlins/laugh.gif[/img]

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    Default Re: Ford 545C skip loader transmission problems

    Found two different possiblities. Here is one.

    Transmission Slips Under Load
    Oil Pump Suction Screen Clogged
    A partially plugged screen will create symptoms similar to low pressure or defective clutch pack sealing rings.

    Here is number two: Replace transmission disconect switch if the problem is intermittent.

    There were a couple of more but NH took there service website down for maintance a couple of minutes ago. [img]/forums/images/graemlins/frown.gif[/img]

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    Default Re: Ford 545C skip loader transmission problems

    Failure of transmission disconnect switch (dump pedal switch), is typically evidenced by:

    1. Failure of transmission to move the tractor in either direction.

    2. 8 x 8 lock-up feature disconnecting on its own intermittently.

    3. Transmission appearing to be jerky when going over rough ground.

    Order and install the improved transmission dump switch 86566605. It is more reliable than the previous magnetic switch (part number F1NN7D244AC) and prior level micro-switch (part number D4NNK984A) designs.

    NOTE: The capacitor (E8NNK989AA) was deleted when design went from the micro-switch (D4NNK984A) to the magnetic switch (F1NN7D244AC). See SB 3/94-I3. The magnetic switch was then replaced by micro-switch 86566605. See SB 11/98-I8.

    Option 2

    The tractor wire harness grounds through the alternator. A loose or poor connection between the ground (black) wire and the alternator or between the alternator and attaching hardware can result in intermittent or continual electrical concerns normally associated with a poor ground circuit.

    NOTE: When a poor ground condition is present on a unit equipped with a 4 x 4 or 8 x 8 power reversing transmission, the transmission electric control system will not operate properly. The transmission control module will deactivate when the ground is lost and reactivate when the ground circuit is completed. This condition may result in a rapid deactivation and activation cycle which makes the transmission operation jerky giving the impression that the transmission is slipping internally. If the ground is permanently interrupted, the transmission will not operate. The lockup torque converter function (8 x 8 transmission only) will also be affected by a poor ground. The lockup will disengage and the lockup indicator light will go out when the ground circuit is interrupted.


    The ground (black) wire from the harness that attaches to the alternator may become loose or the alternator attaching hardware may loosen resulting in an interruption in the ground circuit.

    NOTE: The ground (black) wire connection on the Prestolite alternator is a push-on connection which could vibrate loose. The ground wire Is attached with a nut on the Magnetti Marelli alternator.


    Check the ground (black) wire connection at the alternator and tighten as required.

    Check the alternator mounting hardware and tighten as required.

    Fabricate an auxiliary ground wire (see bulletin for figure). This wire will complete the ground circuit.

    1. Raise the right-hand hood panel and disconnect the negative battery terminal.

    2. Swing the battery out of the way.

    3. Locate the start relay. It is located next to the fuse panel.

    4. Fabricate an auxiliary ground wire from an 8 length of black covered #14 gauge wire. Attach an eyelet connector with a 1/4" hole to one end of the wire.

    5. Attach the other end of the fabricated wire to the black wire that attaches to the relay base.

    6. Insulate the connection with electrical tape.

    7. Attach the eyelet end of the fabricated wire to the bolt securing the fuse mount panel to the tractor.

    8. Position the relay so the prongs point down and attach the relay base if it was removed.

    NOTE: The relay prongs must point as shown in Figure 1, or water may enter the relay and cause a failure of the relay. Refer to article I5 (page 44) of the 12-89 Service Journal for additional information on positioning the relay.

    9. Attach the battery ground cable and secure the battery in the operating position.

    10. Check the tractor for proper operation and correct as required.

    Hopefully some of the options will fix your problem.

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    Default Re: Ford 545C skip loader transmission problems

    I have been working on a 545d last couple days, the problem was oil leak at bell housing, dumping large amount of hyd fluid, the owner wanted to split it and replace front trans seal. I thought we should go through the top and check it out, removed dash,fuel tank, steering, under the steering a large 4 bolt cover, gives good look at your convertor, the forward, reverse valve body, etc. Found one of the top pressure plug which requires an allen wrench was just finger tight, that was where the oil was coming from, but at the same time noticed that the wiring for the 2 silonoids on the top of the valve body was wasted, all the insulation had crumbled off it, surprised it was even driveable.So after rewiring that mess and putting her back together, along with replacing the front seal on the front pump driving of the crankshaft. Its working fine now. but the problems that alot of people are having could have alot to do with the wiring at the forward reverse silonoid or in my case the oil leaking out helped ruin my wiring quickly.

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    Default Re: Ford 545C skip loader transmission problems

    Traveller RENEW Tractor Fluid, 5 gal. - 8060038 | Tractor Supply Company

    After blowing and O-ring and breaking some metal fittings at cylinders with limbs I have added 20 gallons of RENEW. After the last time it seems the water is out of the system and the forward clutch is holding much better after it gets hot. I was able to come to house in 5th (high range 1st) the last time after digging and pushing over big trees. Cleaning the intake screen that was quiet restricted helped I am sure. It is a JD but the shuttle is hydralic operated.

    Before PSI testing the filters, fluid and screens need to be fresh.

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