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    Default Re: Trailering questions

    </font><font color="blue" class="small">( Thanks for the pics! That setup looks about like what I need. I'll be hauling other things than my tractor from time to time, so the more tiedowns the better. Those stake pockets sound OK, too.

    Soundguy, those stops of yours are exactly what I dread! [img]/forums/images/graemlins/blush.gif[/img] )</font>

    I would not like 'hooks' on the trailer, as a chain works loose the chain will fall out of the hook. A D-ring is great, stick to those.

    Best I know of is to use the stake pokets tho. I'm only familiar with 'built-in' stake pokets, they are a welded part of the outside rail. Can't imagine how those would not be strong enough or of any concern. Perhaps you are seeing some flimsy bolt-on brackets with small bolts?????

    Anyhow, put the chain down the outside of the trailer deck, pull the hook up through the stake pocket, &amp; put the hook over the poket edge. Let gravity pull the chain down, and then you can tighten the chain all you want. If it loosens, it will not fall off the pocket, as it has that 1/2 loop around the pocket &amp; gravity is holding the hook down onto the pocket lip.

    See lots of semis with such an arrangement, seems good enough for them.

    Whatever you do, an open hook can be a bad thing, always arrange it so if the chain goes loose, gravity is keeping the hook engaged with whatever it is hooking. 1/2 loops, hook grabbing downward, etc.


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    Default Re: Trailering questions

    The stake pockets usually found on equipment trailers are no wheres near as heavy as those found on semi trailers. The idea of running the chain through the stake pocket is an excellent idea as a safety precaution, I have seen it used and is exactly as you described it.

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