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    Default Lifting capacity of TC24DA

    This machine is amazing. I attached a picture of my tractor with 12LA loader lifting 960 lbs. There were twelve 80# bags of Sacrete in the bucket. [img]/forums/images/graemlins/ooo.gif[/img]

    I was able to lift this load approx. 5' off the ground before the hydraulics started to hesitate.

    This is a tremendous feat for such a small my opinion. The box blade on the back of the tractor weighs less than 400 lbs.
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    Default Re: Lifting capacity of TC24DA

    Compact 1, Yes, I am very impressed with what my TC24DA will lift. My wife and I purchased 5 acres and built a home last year, so this year is lawn install. We built on a boulder pile.

    I built a pole boom for the 3pt and have been moving boulders with it. I, recently purchased a grapple for the loader. I am impressed with the size of bolders I can move. I am sure they are approaching 800 pounds or so, 2-3ft in diam. and larger. I will try to post some photos in the near future.

    I have to keep my box scaper on or I am lifting a rear tire. even though they are filled. Woods 5ft box scraper weighs about 400 pounds. The grapple I purchased weighs about 400 pounds. I am very please with its usefulness. moving bolders and brush etc.

    Thought you would like to have my thoughts as well.


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    Default Re: Lifting capacity of TC24DA

    </font><font color="blue" class="small">( This is a tremendous feat for such a small my opinion. The box blade on the back of the tractor weighs less than 400 lbs.

    ...and they fit so nicely into the bucket. [img]/forums/images/graemlins/cool.gif[/img]

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    Default Re: Lifting capacity of TC24DA

    Hey Jeff,
    Nice! You know, it would have been a lot healthier heavin them over your shoulder and swearin all the way to their destination [img]/forums/images/graemlins/cool.gif[/img]

    Here's a pic of my small but mighty 1220 with a boulder I guessed was about 500 lbs, could be 300 could be 700, I sure wasn't movin it by hand. I've moved bigger, but didn't get pictures

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