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    Default Ford Backhoe Attachment

    Does anyone have a Ford model 764 or a 753 backhoe attachment that could explain how it is mounted to their machine. I have a 1990 Ford 345C (new to me) and would like to find a backhoe that fits on it. I have seen the older 445 and 545 with what looks like a Ford 753 full size backhoe on it. I have also seen the Ford 764 that mounts to the '88-'92 345, 445, and 545's. I do not want to put a 3pt mount backhoe on this machine so I am trying to figure out my options before I think about fabbing a subframe to the loader frame.

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    Default Re: Ford Backhoe Attachment

    If the loader frame on your tractor has hooks at the rear end, the backhoe lugs will rest in the hooks. You would then need the tie-down links to retain it. If the loader frame does not have the hooks, you will need a backhoe subframe mounting kit. In both cases you will need the hydraulic attaching kit.
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    Default Re: Ford Backhoe Attachment

    Did you ever get this setup figured out?? I have a 1989 Ford New Holland 345C with the 764 backhoe. I am still looking for the hydraulic kit setup for this. I actually have the frame mounting brackets already attached to the tractor, But I haven't been able to figure out this Power Beyond hose setup. I can tell you that trying to mount the backhoe onto the tractor's backhoe bracket is no easy feat.

    I wish I knew someone that also had the 345C with the 764 so I could see what the actual hydraulic connections are. I tried hooking the backhoe into the tractor's remote hydraulics but it only two line versus three ( I am missing the Power Beyond connection. Hooking it into the remotes only gives partial power and will not allow me to fully mount the backhoe into the tractors backhoe brackets.

    That is why I have been looking for someone that has a 764 backhoe mounted to the 345C in hopes I can trace the hydraulic lines and perhaps make something similimiar to the original 764 hydraulic intallation kit so I can finally get this backhoe mounted and working.

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