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    Cool Hello From Lincoln Co. NC

    Hi, I'm doonapo21,
    I have a Satoh S650G tractor and at the moment it is giving me a fit !
    I can't seem to get it to stay running. It seems like the battery is dead (New Battery) so I jump start it and it purr's like a kitten. I take off the jumper cables and as I remove the neg side it just "dies" Now I'm thinking what is this? I have checked everything I can think of up to and including the ground. It seems to have lost it's ground and I can't fiqure out why. Anyone have any idea's?

    Thxs, doonapo21

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    doonapo21 : WELCOME ABOARD ! Not sure what the problem is but have you had this tractor long,..and has it been running? I mean has it been performing in a normal manner,...then suddenly it died,...or what can you tell us?

    You said you checked everything, but go back and check each connection, not just that it connects, but try to wiggle it, loosen it, move it around and tighten it again. Could be rust or corrosion at a connection?

    Give us some more info on it so we can try to help trace down the problem "with" you.

    . . tug

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