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    Just registered on this site and it seems very helpfull to a lot of people.
    Just bought a MF165 serial number: 9A37425 and it was sold as a 1974 but I have checked on the net and I think it is a 1967. Also when it runs parked, there is a sound inside the trany like something is engaged like a PTO but the PTO is not turning. When I advance, there is a clunk in the trany. Someone suggested that it is the multi-power...Before I start getting into big expanse, I want to be reassured that the year is good if not, the seller will take it back.

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    There is a site that I can not recall that gives the break down of models by years produced. My FIL purchased our 265 MF in 1976 and I know the 265 was produced into the 80's so I expect 1974 the 165 version could have still been the current selling model.

    There is no noise like you described with our 265 but it has less than 1300 hours. Make sure the fluid level is readable on the dip stick near year right foot.

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