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    Jack Binford here. Forsyth County, NC. Winston Salem city limit is just outside my door; hope it stays there. Less than one acre; not enough, but.... I have a 20+ year-old Troy Bilt Horse, an 18 hp Gilson "tractor" which has no attachments. The Gilson is used to pull a cart from where ever a truckload of horse manure or semi-composted leaves is dumped to where ever I decide to spread it.

    I have two excellent Kuboda neighbors. Neighbor #1 has a large kubota and a number of horses. I've helped him by fixing the Kubota electrical, by feeding and caring for the horses, in haying and whatever else might be needed. He drove truck 43+ years; the last umpty-ump years at 500+ miles/day, 6 days/week. He retired last year, age 70, and got his second hip replacement. He has plowed my garden 2 times. After I had a bunch of trees cut down, he brought his track-mounted shovel over and dug up stumps, then dragged roots and plowed. Another friend took the logs to his shop to burn for heat in the winter instead of burning money.
    Neighbor #2 with an L235 has plowed my garden 2 times and tilled it more. I've helped him by fixing the electrical on the L235 and by repairing the keyway on his rotary tiller - and whatever else he might need at age 86.

    Loading my cart with composted leaves or horse manure is harder on my back at 79 than at 78 just before a stroke. At 78 I could drop to the ground and bounce back up. Now I lower myself to the ground and crank myself back up. Takes much longer to do much less and get more tired.

    I'm looking at/for/thinking about, a small tractor with a front end loader and a rotary tiller.

    The tractor websites are interesting; the subjects are interesting; the people are interesting. The rules on this website are strict and that is good.

    The best to all of you

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    Welcome to TBN.
    Muhammad Chishti

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    Welcome to TBN!!! How much property do you have? What other tasks do you want to preform?
    Kyle - CompactTractorFan

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    Yep, the first thing to do is come with a "wish list" of all the stuff you want to do. Surf the orange and green/yellow web sites and see what looks good.

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