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    Default Wayne from Chum Creek, Australia

    Hi, just traded in my Bobcat S185 (kept getting it bogged!) for a CT335 with a decent 4 in one, post hole digger and slasher for my 25 acres in Chum Creek (about 50K outside Melbourne). I will really miss the skid steer a/c when our summer gets here but the 335 is making work arround the farms so much easier, especially the post hole digging!
    Just a quick question on weight distribution.... with the the loader fitted it gets VERY light in the back end with a full bucket of wet clay/mud but there doesn't seem to be a Bobcat product for rear balasting the setup, is there a Bobcat ballast box or will I have to source a another brand to stabalise the system?

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    Default Re: Wayne from Chum Creek, Australia

    Welcome to TBN!!!

    As far as rear ballast...your Bobcat should have the standard Category 1 3PH. Any ballast box for a category 1 tractor should fit. The only one I've ever read about that can be problematic is a kubota box that's got a taper to the sides. No first hand knowledge, but I did read that on TBN a while back.
    Or, you can build your a TBN search for rear ballast, ballast box...terms like that.
    Rear ballast will definitely help that light rear end feel. It'll reduce the load on the front axle too, BTW.

    Good luck and be safe!!
    Roy Jackson

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