I use the Android app for this forum, and it works wonderfully, except when a thread is closed.

When a thread is closed, the only indication is a lack of a 'thread reply' button. It still allows you to attempt to reply to others posts and quote others and multi-quote. Instead of informing you of a closed thread, it lets you spend all of this time typing a reply (on a tiny phone, no less!) just to refuse the reply when you click "submit". It is truly irritating to spend 10 minutes making a nice reply to someone just to get refused and waste all of that thought, time and typing.

Please either:
A) Have the forum add a "Thread closed" post at the end of all closed threads, so we know they are closed
B) Remove all reply options from the Android app, so other people don't have their time wasted replying to a closed thread, just to get refused after they type a reply