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    Default Anyone else getting the links to ads in the text?

    I understand that this is a for profit site, but these hyperlinks to the in text ads is over top, or is it just me. Key words like "John Deere" or kubota" will create hyperlinks to an ad. I don't mind the side banners, but really not a fan of these hyperlinks. Anyone else agree or am I just too nitpicky?

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    Default Re: Anyone else getting the links to ads in the text?

    I don't mind those that are just links nearly as much as i dislike the active ones that open a pop-up window over the text whenever your mouse touches it.


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    Default Re: Anyone else getting the links to ads in the text?

    I see they're back. A while ago i brought it to management's attention, they said there was going to be an option to disable it. Personally i find it distracting.

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    Default Re: Anyone else getting the links to ads in the text?

    Yes, we are working on a way to disable it through your user CP. In the mean time, PM me if you want it disabled and we will manually update your account. Keep in mind that this will only apply when you are logged in.
    Muhammad Chishti

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