Hi Guys,

As you may know, if you click on the Reviews tab you will find our extensive tractor & equipment guide, which has more than 9,000 tractors, mowers, and pieces of construction equipment with reviews, photos, and information for each.

The guide indicates whether a model or product is a current model or discontinued. From year to year, this needs to be updated so that the models that were discontinued are no longer marked as current models.

Additionally, when new models hit the market, we need to add them to our database. In time, we hope to add more and more product categories and products (such as complete listings for construction equipment and attachments). But for now, we just need to update the ones that are in there.

How You Can Help

1. Browse on over to Tractor Guide - TractorByNet.com and take a look at the model listings for your favorite manufacturers.

2. If you see models marked as "current" (green dot next to the model name = current, grey dot next to the model name = discontinued) when they are actually discontinued, post a reply to this thread listing the models that are incorrectly marked as current.

3. If there is a new model that should be added you can use the automated new model tool here: Add Mfg or Item - TractorByNet.com Reviews (all submissions go into a queue and admin approves them manually to make sure they are in the correct category).

If you're really good at this and want to work on it as an editor from the back end, PM me and let me know!

As always, thanks for your help!