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    Quote Originally Posted by jefwyn View Post

    Yeah, it's a privately owned site that makes it's money off the users. So the way I look at it, TBN works for us and if we don't like some of the policies, we can leave at any time.
    Like with radio and television, we are the product for sale, not the customers.

    The folks paying money to advertise on here are the customers.

    The reason forums like this exist is the same reason television shows are produced and music is played on the radio, it's to lure us in with something we find interesting so that we will put up with the ads.

    I'm not complaining, fair is fair. I don't expect Muhammad to invest his time and money so I can chat about tractors for free unless he makes a return on his investment.

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    Default Re: Are private messages here REALLY private?

    Quote Originally Posted by Lightnsound View Post
    I'm not surprised. Yesterday I was reading this thread and noticed the irony of discussions regarding how we aren't allowed to discuss what was being discussed.

    The rule is that we can't post about moderator's moderating, apparently not even the moderators can.
    Yeah, I saw that other thread where Mohammad posted and basically told everyone involved to settle down, he didn't seem "mad" and what I saw after that wasn't really out of line IMHO.. Anyways.. guess it's over now and we're a few members shorter.

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    Default Re: Are private messages here REALLY private?

    When one posts in a public place it is available to all. Just like posting a hardcopy note on a brick wall.

    When one sends a private message it's available to whomever handles it, just like handing a handwritten note to someone other than the recipient, no telling if they are going to "peak".

    In the electronic case this includes your ISP and wherever the message "passes thru".

    When I worked for the Army there were a lot of things to "sensitive" to put in email.

    Now with the prevalence of "data mining" it's barely safe to discuss matters on the net.

    You must assume if you type it, it will be read, regardless of all the Privacy statements.

    I've often thought about putting a bunch of words related to explosions in my email sig to see how long it takes the ATF officers to get to my door.
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