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    Default Snapshot

    For a while I have tried to figure how to "snapshot" something within a page I am viewing so that I can re-post only that image, while having been using windows 7 for about 2 years I've not actually used all of it's features/programs, the other day I realized what the snipping tool was for just that, ( snip parts of a page and save it), for those of you who didn't know it is the same as the snapshot, Crop the image/wording and send it to a file,
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    snippet is as handy as a shirt pocket in forums. You can also copy a photo that's protected from copying if right click, save as.. Doesn't work. -kid

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    Default Re: Snapshot

    I don't use MS Windows..... at least not anymore.

    Some graphics programs will also allow you to capture a screen shot.

    With GIMP, for example, I just do File - Create - Screenshot & snap away.

    Some systems will also take a screen shot, or bring up a screen shot dialog if you hit the print-screen button on your keyboard (perhaps shift, control, or alt and print screen).
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    Default Re: Snapshot

    Another good graphics program is XnView. You can use it to take screen snapshots, resize image files, view images, edit graphic and video files. It is also free.

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