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    Default Random Comments and Questions on the Home Page

    1. The classifieds should be divided between dealer classifieds and private classifieds.

    2. Is the tiltmeter blurb a paid-for ad?

    3. Are the Other Featured Links paid-for ads?

    4. I really apprecialte the beef jerky site. Food of the gods.

    5. Does the lawn mowing vote apply only to finish mowing of a yard lawn or also to rotary cutter mowing of other grass areas? Because of the word "lawn" I sort of interpret the former, but it could be misinterpreted and lead to invalid results.

    6. The dealer of the year award should not be repeated--unless it is sharply limited to something like internet dealer of the year. For such an award to supposedly cover all the fine dealers in this country is objectively impossible. Worse than subjectivity, the award has the potential to give the impression of possible commercial influences, and thereby could cast doubt on the objectivity of TBN regarding the tractor awards that otherwise appear to be based on objective criteria and performance evaluations.

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    Default Re: Random Comments and Questions on the Home Page

    The poll for "lawn" is for lawn only... field mowing is different. Maybe we'll run a poll on field mowing next.

    Ads on the home page are either paid for by advertisers, or posted because they are relevant to the site.

    We'll consider dealer ads being separate later on...

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