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    Default Lubricant Equivalency Chart

    Is there a lubricant equivalency chart somewhere on the Internet that tells people what lubricants are the same? My manual for a 1989 Ford 3910 says that my rear axle oil should be Ford M2C-86-B, M2C-159-A/B or M2C-134-B/C. I went to Tractor Supply looking for one of those numbers and couldn't find them on any of the tractor fluids there.

    I've been putting UTF in as the axle oil, but I've noticed some leaking since doing so. Is UTF thinner?

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    Default Re: Lubricant Equivalency Chart

    Yes and no. The only equivalency chart I know of is produced by Lubes N Grease magazine and it mainly covers industrial lubricants, not tractor type fluids.

    The spec's you listed are very common to Ford products. Most good UTF type oils will probably meet these spec's. If they do they should be listed on their product data sheets.

    UTF is thinner than most gear oil. Most are in the 10 to 30 SAE engine oil range with the majority hovering around 20W. The heaviest UTF is going to be about like a 85W SAE gear oil so if you replaced something like a 85W/140 the UTF is going to be considerably thinner and may be why you are seeing oil leaking out.

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