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    Default will "303" work as a "UDT"

    I am seeing a drop in availability locally with UTF, but an increase in "303" "branded fluid. I am travelling further and further to get UTF.

    Question: does "303" meet the kubota "UDT" spec so I can buy locally?

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    Default Re: will "303" work as a "UDT"

    read the can.

    Many utf fluids I see don't meet sudt specs.. though i hadn't look at plain udt specs.


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    Default Re: will "303" work as a "UDT"

    303? Thats the stuff I put on my dashboard

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    Default Re: will "303" work as a "UDT"

    Since I am a fan of Texas Refinery Corporation products, I have poked around their website a bit and discovered it's a very good source of information about different lubricants, such as viscosity and ISO#, intended usages and such. (I am in no way affiliated with TRC, btw.)

    Go to their website , and look in "Quality Lubricants". They list:
    Cleaners, Solvents, & Degreasers
    Fuel Treatment
    Hydraulic Oils & Fluids
    Motor Oils
    Specialty Oils
    Specialty Products
    Transmission Fluids & Gear Lubricants

    In each category, there is a list of products and each product has a description and (scroll to the very bottom of the page) a link to specifications for that product.

    For example, to get information on "303" fluid, select "Special 303" in "Hydraulic Oils & Fluids". There is a good description of that product there plus a nice list of equipment it is designed to work in and fluids it will replace. It appears that THEIR fluid is a direct replacement for kubota Super UDT. Do all "303" fluids meet Kubota's spec? Maybe...maybe not. You would have to check each brand out individually. As Soundguy the can!

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