I have a 1974 David Brown 1210 2WD. I will just start off by saying I don't know a lot about this model. Does anybody know where I can get maintenance info on this model? I don't know what kind of engine oil or hydraulic fluid it uses or even how to change it. TSC has “universal hydraulic fluid” on sale and I’m not sure if it will work in this tractor.

I recently bought a David Brown service manual from a local TSC and it was not much help. It could walk you through new brakes and other things, but no real solid info on oil types and weights. It didn't even really tell you how to change the filers on the tractor. I'm really desperate for info. This tractor only has 652 hrs. on it and is in good condition. I just want to take good care of it. I could get a lot of use out of this low hours tractor. So any info would be greatly appreciated.