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    ih farmall super c

    Default super c farmall

    i just bought a 1950's super c. im needing to.know what kind of engine oil, gear oil and lever control( for the two piont hitch) i need to put in it. i not a clue about this tractor so any help woulds be great..

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    I have a 1948 IHC Service Manual. It doesn't have the Super C but it does have the Super A. I believe they use the same lubricants. Remember that back in those days they did not have multi-viscosity oils and synthetic lubes were only a fantasy. The book lists SAE-30 engine oil above 32ー and SAE 10W hydraulic oil for all temperatures. Transmission and differential take SAE-90 in all temperatures although it does say to add 1/2 pint kerosene to each axle housing for continuous operation under -10ー. Recommended change interval for engine oil and filter is 120 hours. Recommended oil change interval for the transmission and differential is 960 hours or 1 year. The service manual only gives a hydraulic oil level check interval - 240 hours. It says to see the Operator's Manual for change interval. I remember on our old Farmalls we ended up switching to SAE-30 in the hydraulic system as things wore. I can't remember them having a hydraulic filter - there is none shown on the Super A in the Service Manual. Also, I can't remember if the C has drop axle housings like the Super A or straight out "trumpet housings" like the H and M. I threw in that little bit about the A and its special axle housing oil requirement. I hope today's cleaner gasoline reduces carbon buildup over what we had in the old days. Dad sold mostly Super A's, Super C's, and H's at his dealership. I remember getting the dirty job of cleaning all the carbon buildup off the combusion chambers and valves, a pain in the butt.
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    Quote Originally Posted by owens View Post
    i just bought a 1950's super c. im needing to.know what kind of engine oil, gear oil and lever control( for the two piont hitch) i need to put in it. i not a clue about this tractor so any help woulds be great..
    [QUOTE]what years did they make the super c

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    I've got a C with hyds... I'll tell you what I've used, and had no problems with.

    15w40 C/S rated oil in the engine. I get good oil pressure hot or cold.. winter or summer ( 25' - 104' florida.. etc.. )

    for the hyds i used UTF fluid meeting modern oil specs...

    for the rear.. now here is where it gets more difficult.

    the oil i drained out looked like TAR. I had to mineral spirits flush it all out.

    I initially put 80w90 in it and the thing sounded like a rubber band drive with gear noise out the wazoo. scared me.. had sounded fine with the tar.

    talked to a couple of predominately 'red power' collectors and they told me to drain the 90 out and put in 140, and then buy a couple tubes of plain cheap as you can get.. amber / brown #2 gun grease and just plunger the entire tube(s) into the gear case then run her.

    did that.. and now she's quiet as a mouse. runs fine. I use her to pull a drag and light cultivator.

    probably not book... but passing along what other red people told me. I have much less exp with red.. only have a cub, the C and an H. More familiar with fords.. etc..

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