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    Default Lubricants for 1948 Ferguson TE-20

    Have a 1948 Ferguson TE-20. What are the correct lubricants for the following:
    Transmisson/Gear Box
    Hydraulic Reservoir
    Steering Box

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    Default Re: Lubricants for 1948 Ferguson TE-20

    if the te20 is liek the 9n, the trans, hyds, and rear end are common sump, and probably originally specced a 90w mineral gear oil.. which wil be similar to a 90w gl1 or gl3 oil today.. though an 80w90 gl4/5 that carries the mt1 rating and states that it is yellow metal safe would be fine too. alternately.. a utf meeding the m2c134 spec would work without damage.. though if you have weepy axle, tranny, pyo seals and a non rebuilt 3pt lift.. you may get leaks and weaker lift.

    ont he steering box.. if it is not open to the tranny as the early fords are, then i would lube with 0 or 00ep grease.. though it's manual probably called gor a similar 90w mineral gear oil.. or sae 50w engine oil.

    if the sump is closed and the sector seals don't leak .. gear oil is fine.. if open sump.. nothing to do... if sector seals weep.. 00ep grease..

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    Default Re: Lubricants for 1948 Ferguson TE-20

    Tranny/hydraulics are common sumps. The Spec is GL-1 SAE 80 for temps below 50F and SAE 90 above 50F. It's still available at NAPA. You can also use the latest Massey Ferguson transhydraulic fluuid I thinks its' 1129 or something or any UTF that meets the Massey specs. Steering box uses the same lume as the trannny and hydraulics.

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