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    Default Re: Diesel in gas can

    Who keeps Jerry cans around to fuel vehicles and equipment? I do.
    I keep several jugs of 100LL., premium unleaded, clear diesel and kerosene in a flam cabinet. Wife and kids are forever running out of fuel.
    Only time they ever look at the dash is to adjust the radio.

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    Default Re: Diesel in gas can

    Quote Originally Posted by DarkBlack View Post
    "I knew I should'a chosen the blue pill"

    Tractor Supply- Identical 5 gallon cans- Red $18, Yellow $20, blue $15. No kidding, saw it today at the store, and just looked online.
    I guess yellow dye adds $5 over blue dye.
    A few year back, I'm pretty sure I paid around $10 for my yellow can at Wally world. Less than a red one.

    The best things in life are not things.

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    Default Re: Diesel in gas can

    Better yet, just pick up an old military Deuce with a multifuel engine, then you can feed it diesel or gasoline..

    or kerosene...
    or used motor oil...
    or paint thinner...
    or mineral spirits..
    or pretty much any other liquid that will hold a flame...

    ...and mine's green - I know that yellow and blue make green - I guess maybe there's not too much red in it..

    Good luck and take care.

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    Default Re: Diesel in gas can

    The container actually says "gasoline only" or "diesel only", so, when I saw lots of red containers being filled at the fuel oil pump (which says "use approved containers only"), I sent a query to the fire marshall's office asking whether this was OK. They replied that there weren't any rules prohibiting that practice (at least not here).

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