The machine in question is as IhI 35s smallish trackhoe w/ a nissan 4 cyl diesel . I think I have the cause pinpointed. Have owned the machine for about 5 years. It is an excellent digger especially for an older machine. No hyd, leaks, with exception of right side looking from back to front. And this is so small I just keep a close ck. on fluid level and top off as needed. The only drawback are the steel tracks across a manicured yard.

Several years ago I let the hyd fluid drain overnight then filled w / new fluid, ran it a couple days then changed it again. Very costly to say the least. I never expected to get all the old fluid / contaminates out but shortly after final refilling the fluid within a few hours again the fluid looked milky.

I'll be changing the fluid out prior to winter. Are there others with this problem, or have helped correct this issue? Any thoughts?