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    Default ford 640 vintage what kind of transmission fluid...

    For a ford 640 what kind and how much do i need for transmission fluid, and for the Differential.
    Forgive my ignorance I'm a tractor owner as of 5 months ago, I probably didnt' even ask the question correctly. BUT>>>if you know what the heck I am taking about, some guidance would be appreciated. I called a few Tractor Supply stores and they did not know what to sell me. (thought that was strange)
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    Default Re: ford 640 vintage what kind of transmission fluid...

    i believe the Ford specification is M2C134D for these tractors. Almost any UTF (universal transmission fluid) should list it as meeting this spec. The UTF container may list 134D as the spec. Anyone else care to add anything?

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    Default Re: ford 640 vintage what kind of transmission fluid...

    Anything that has 134D in the specs will be just fine.


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    Default Re: ford 640 vintage what kind of transmission fluid...

    Here is a couple of examples of the fluid that meets 134D:

    Traveller® Universal Tractor Trans/Hydraulic Fluid, 5 gal. - 0806391 | Tractor Supply Company

    Super Tech Heavy Duty Tractor Hydraulic and Transmission Fluid: Automotive :

    Here is a website that has a lot of specs on these old Fords. Scroll down to the capacities chart and match up your model range,transmission and such:

    Old Ford Tractor Specifications and Data

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    Default Re: ford 640 vintage what kind of transmission fluid...

    ditto that.. except that in the tranny and diffy you COULD use 80w90 gear oil, but in the hyds the UTF is a must.

    as said.. utf in all 3 is fine.

    3 sumps.. remember that.

    3 fills, 3 drains.. 3 chek locations.

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