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    Default Re: SUDT2 - Quiet!!

    Super Duper UDT and UDT 2 you should not see any diff. Amsoil fluids were light years ahead of kubota. The kicker is the price is almost the same years ago. Kubota was overpriced years ago.
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    Default Re: SUDT2 - Quiet!!

    I had my kubota RTV500 Utility Vehicle and B3300SU tractor to the local Kubota dealer for service this week. I specified Super UDT2 for the hydraulic fluid change in both units. The RTV500 requires 2.2 gallons and the B3300SU 3.8 gallons of hydraulic fluid. I do not know how much additional the Super UDT fluid cost over the normal UDT hydraulic fluid but I will specify Super UDT2 from now on.

    The high pitched whine in both RTV500 and B3300SU HST transmissions is gone. Much more pleasant to operate for long periods.

    Temperatures in the low 90s today. So SUDT2 has a positive effect at high temps as well as low temps.
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    I used sudt2 for my B2710 transmission fluid change last week, now that my transmission is quiet, it seems my engine is louder than I remember. It had TSC UTF in it for the last 100hrs before this changeout (only used TSC UTF due to making weekend tractor repairs when no kubota dealer was open to get Kubota fluid). Bottom line, it had a lot more transmission whine with TSC UTF in it than with the sudt2.
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