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    Default Lucas stop leak products

    I read here a while back about some members wanting to know if Lucas Hub Oil for diff. leaks worked. As well as the Lucas Hydro boost stop leak. I bought a few bottles of both and gave a few to friends to try in there tractors. I to used it in my Tractor. Well glad to report that as of today all leaks on all tractors have stopped. Wow I was a little skeptical about the Hub Oil stop leak working but my right front hub seal was leaking a 4" puddle every time I parked it and it has completely stopped. Also 2 of my FEL rams were leaking and I added a quart of the Hydro boost stop leak and bleed my rams to get the fluid up to them and by the 3rd day no more leaks. All these leaks were not major leaks but one of my rams was dripping 6 to 8 drops in a minute and it sealed that. I am not saying that it will work on all leaks but it has worked on 4 tractors that we used the Lucas on.The true test will be time. I will update this post in 6 months and report the status of the tractors and their leaks. Hope to report that all leaks are still holding tight.

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    Default Re: Lucas stop leak products

    My only experience is with power steering stop leak. A couple of years ago my 1992 Volvo began leaking PS fluid. I went through a few bottles of the product and it certainly slowed down the leaking. The source of the leak was pinholes in the rusted steel lines on the rack The Lucas stuff increased the viscosity of the fluid considerably, slowing down the leakage. It's also supposed to swell or rejuvenate the seals somewhat, but that wasn't my problem. A line finally blew, so I drove the car for a few months with no fliud,just a splash now and again, until I found a suitable junkyard rack.

    So, yeah, these products work as designed for a stop-gap, but are definitely not a permanent fix.

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