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I live up here too with gasoline and diesel at $1.29 a litre. Over the life of the vehicle including the higher service costs and upkeep of the diesel compared to simple gasser engine. The diesel doesn't break even on fuel until after it's out of warranty. I can purchase a lot of gasoline for the price of and the time lost with a diesel having an out of pocket bill for 8 new common rail injectors.
As for engine life? It's 2013 not 1982 with carbs and leaded fuel. Any old gasser now runs 300,000 miles and nobody is surprised.
I agree. Gas engines have come a long ways in the last 25 years, especially the last 10. Tranny is almost always a issue well before engine issues. Rust, front end components, electrical issues, ect will do in a diesel or gas truck way before a engine wears out.