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    Default Current fuel transport & storage laws?

    Hi all

    I'm brand new to the forum here, and looking for some advice.

    I have been slowly stocking up on equipment, materials, and knowledge to help me as I make my move into the countryside. Currently I live in the outskirt suburbs of Austin - where Cedar Park meets Leander for anyone local. I'm buying land out past Liberty Hill area if all goes well.

    I know I will want to have a stock of fuel on-site. So, I've already picked up a couple 55 gallon steel drums which held cutting oil previously. I've rinsed them out thoroughly and allowed them to dry. Next step is washing them out with kerosene, draining and then letting them dry again. I believe that will give me the cleanest barrels I can have for the future contents, barring purchase of fuel drums to begin with.

    My goals are:
    1. Maintain a stock of pure gasoline (for cars, small equipment, etc)
    2. Maintain a stock of fuel for whatever tractor I purchase - perhaps diesel (that'll be another thread)
    3. Ensure I transport them properly
    4. Ensure I transfer them properly

    For transportation, according to this post I believe I need to stick to < 119 gallons at a pop, but no signage is necessary. Is this still current?

    What about storage? Currently I am in a suburban subdivision, which I am sure will be under different regulations than outside incorporated limits will be. But it would be good to know what I am limited to now & in the future. Where can I find out?

    I think that covers me on that front for now.


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    Default Re: Current fuel transport & storage laws?

    Click on photo to enlarge .
    My diesel storage set up.
    Tractors 2003 Kubota BX1500 / 2004 Kubota Bx23 / 2005 Kubota BX1500.
    Attachments 60'' Front Blade/48'' Rear Tiller/FEL/Back Hoe /
    60'' MMM/Clamp on Forks/48'' MMM
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    Default Re: Current fuel transport & storage laws?

    Yea but that won't work with gas

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    Default Re: Current fuel transport & storage laws?

    If those barrels just had a few ounces of cutting oil in them, you went to a lot of trouble for nothing. Especially for the one you plan on using for storing diesel.

    The kerosene will just be a further waste of time and money.

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