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    Default water in diesel fuel

    i have a problem with my john deere 950, some history first
    i changed the oil when i parked it about two years ago...during that time, clear lens cracked and broke on the fuel gauge, letting water into the fuel tank, (i did not realize it until i cranked it about two weeks ago and it died on me) now i cant get it to crank back up...
    i'm not a diesel mechanic, i do hvacr for living but im not that dumb when it comes to using wrenches and general maintenance...
    so far, i have drained out all of the fuel, (tank was "dry" when i put new diesel in it), replaced the fuel filter, bled the lines (from the injectors to fuel filter, and from fuel filter to tank, and also lines from the injectors back to the tank with nitrogen)
    after putting new fuel, bled air off at the filter, removed nuts (3) coming out of the fuel pump? and noticed fuel was pouring out, no pressure as i was not tryng to start, put nuts back on and also openned nuts at the fuel injectors.
    tryed to crank and it wont fire up,
    had my wife turn the key while i unscrewed the nuts at the injectors and fuel comes out on all 3 injectors but not with pressure,
    Should i have pressure coming out of the lines at the fuel injectors when trying to crank?
    what am i missing?
    when i removed fuel lines noticed a white ressidue at the injectors and blew off with nitrogen.
    removed the bolt on top of the fuel injector and added a few drops of diesel on top (all 3 injectors)
    it turns over but won't fire up....
    battery is brand new.
    (was hoping to plant a garden this year, i missed it last year because of too much work....)

    thanks for your advise

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    My guess is the water may have ruined your injection pump. It would seem to me if you are cracking the lines at the injectors and its not spraying with pressure that it has to be a pump issue.


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