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    Default Spray on lubricant / grease recommendations

    My tractor is kinda funky. It is articulated in the center, driven by two hydraulic cylinders pushing and pulling. The connectors on the cylinders have no spot for lubrication, and boy do they creak a lot. When I hit it with a bit of grease, it quieted down. I am thinking of chain lub from a motorcycle, but wondered what else you guys may know of.


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    Was thinking red grease aerosol, but it is probably similar to the chain lube you mentioned.

    I can't believe the steering cylinder ends don't have grease fittings!

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    Default Re: Spray on lubricant / grease recommendations

    For open pins on FEL bucket, 3-Pt. lower link "eyes" and to lube box frame on my disc harrow to make gang angle changes easy I use wax-based bicycle chain lube, available in multiple brand names. Right now I have White Lightning. This lube applied as a liquid but when the carrier dries it leaves a dry wax which does not attract dust. Wax seems to work into places needing lube quite well.

    Last time I visited Loew's, it had a new wax-based liquid lube by DuPont with Teflon, although it was twice as expensive as what I now use.

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    Default Re: Spray on lubricant / grease recommendations

    Was thinking red grease aerosol, but it is probably similar to the chain lube you mentioned.
    Go with the spray grease, it's got a thin carrier that evaporates once it travels into tight spots.
    Like DT86, it's hard to believe there's no grease nipples, have you thought of drilling the fitting out and installing one, it'd be better than the spray.....Mike

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    Default Re: Spray on lubricant / grease recommendations

    i use FluidFilm for all spray on applications fluid film spray
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    Default Re: Spray on lubricant / grease recommendations

    Try this, I know wrecker operator who uses this on his cables and winch's on his rigs and swears its the best spray lube he has used, HD Metal Protector
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    Default Re: Spray on lubricant / grease recommendations

    I use spray teflon lubricant. I get it at JD, they call it slip plate or something like that. I use it on my gooseneck ball. Also use it on Heim joints on my Jeep buggy. No greasy film, doesn't collect dust.

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    Default Re: Spray on lubricant / grease recommendations

    Are you sure there are no grease "holes"?

    On my Jinma chipper the drive shaft (like a mini-pto drive shaft) for the feed roller has two spots where you can push in the fitting (no zerk) and squeeze grease in.

    Jinma Dealer, Wood Chipper , Compact Jinma Tractors has detailed pictures for example, but the one showing the actual grease spots are in a members only area.
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    Default Re: Spray on lubricant / grease recommendations

    Try PB Blaster Garage Door Lube: Garage Door Lube
    Great stuff.

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