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    Default 80/90 Gear Oil - Difference in GL1 and GL5??

    Any quick answers on this one. Local WalMart is selling 80/90 Gear oil GL5 but it doesn't say anything about being compatible with Massey M1103. According to Big Dean, the guru of Masseys, <font color="red"> "The oil used in MF35s is an 80/90 wt. Trans/Hyd oil it is not the same as the SAE 80/90 wt gear oil used in car &amp; truck transmission. It is a straight Mineral oil GL1 gear oil should be a straight mineral oil"</font>

    So, what is the difference in the two oils? Who manufactures the best quality GL1? Just curious.


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    Default Re: 80/90 Gear Oil - Difference in GL1 and GL5??

    In the larger WalMarts in our area, they carry the Massey replacement hydraulic fluid in 5 gallon pails... it's about $16-17. /pail, they also have the same flavor in their "Sam's Club's" for maybe a dollar cheaper...

    a non-Massey flavor is about $11. a 5 gallon/pail

    You can see the immediate difference the gear oil is brown/dark/with additives versus the Massey hydraulic fluid is clear/translucent ...

    Don't use the 'Gear Oil" in the older Massey's...

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    Default Re: 80/90 Gear Oil - Difference in GL1 and GL5??

    Bob: DO NOT use GL5 in your tractor. I have a Ford 8n which calls for the same oil as yours. GL4 and GL5 have additives that will destroy the "bronze" components in your hydraulic system. You may use GL2 or GL3, but it would be better to get the GL1. New Holland dealers sell a product called 134 D for safe use in the older N series tractors with bronze components. It also makes the lift faster and smoother in my machine. Hope this helps!

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    Default Re: 80/90 Gear Oil - Difference in GL1 and GL5??

    It has some Extreme pressure products in GL-5 for rearend gears which tend to have high loading.. I know even in manual gear boxe's GL-4 you have to use instead of GL-5 due to eating brass syncros out.

    Next question difference in GL-4 vs GL-1 i think lubrizol has some info on parts of this..

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