</font><font color="blue" class="small">( <font color="blue"> The thought crossed my mind, as I was filling my cans w/ off road, that the on road might be more fresh (?)
*due to larger volume sales.
Snal~ BX24
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Mull this one over.
*This theory has been expressed over and over on the tractor boards but I seriously question the logic due to the following.

The Ashland * Marathon bulk plant here distributes the red off road diesel to farmers contractors loggers and excavation companies.
The volume of the off red diesel is so great that Ashland * Marathon
Has two other distributors assisting then with deliver of the red diesel.
Contrast this with the local go mart truck stop selling the clear on road diesel to the truckers.

Who do you think is selling the most and freshest diesel Ashland * Marathon and the 2 other distributors or the Go Mart station?


Good point and very factual in some cases.. It depends on the area.. There are allot of places where the fuel doesnt move as quickly and is stored in above ground tanks(afterthought) that have a great range of temperature fluctuations and acquire mass quantities of condensation and green fuzzies.... The storage is the key.. The fuel is the same(for the most part, depending on area).. Its a safer bet for someone to recomend on road, but like you said, off road may very well be the freshist(?) fuel available..