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    Default oil comparison?????????

    alright boys,i know that this is a heated topic here,but i need to know some real hardcore facts not just opinions.john deere plus 50 15w-40 vs shell rotella t 15w-40 diesel motor oil.which is the most protective oil in all areas?i have a new jd 5203 tractor and want to run the best af these 2 oils.i have looked at these 2 oils websites and tried to do my own comparisions myself but am not much of a chemist so i thought that i would turn to you fellas that are extremely more knowledgable in that area than me.i didn't understand what all of the classifications meant ie cat so and so numbers,api so and so please help.

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    Default lubrication

    not sure about either, I like amsoil. Amsoil is the only one who produces test results to the 4 ball wear scar test. I usually never go with the dealer brands.
    thats just me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by whitearrow
    john deere plus 50 15w-40 vs shell rotella t 15w-40 diesel motor oil.which is the most protective oil in all areas?
    I don't pretent to know all the classification standards either, however, I remembered this direct comparison to Deere Plus 50 on Rotella's site. You can decide what factual value, if any, it has...

    Quote Originally Posted by TechExpert 03/05/04 07:17 AM
    We have not compared performance of the oils you mention [Case No 1 and JD Plus 50] with ROTELLA T performance. The only comparison I can make is based on each oils claimed performance credentials (as found on company web sites). The most advanced diesel oil performance specification – whether the engine is used on or off road - is Mack EO-N Premium Plus 03. Of the oils you mention, only ROTELLA T claims this performance, and only ROTELLA T is on Mack’s approved list for EO-N Premium Plus 03 oils. To my way of thinking, that makes ROTELLA T the premium oil, and Case No 1 and JD Plus 50 “generic” oils.

    More important, we have demonstrated performance of ROTELLA T in Australian Road Train service, where gross vehicle weights neared 200 tons. And the Mine Road Trains and Livestock Road Trains we tested in were as off-road as it gets! Our Road Train field trial showed ROTELLA T provided outstanding protection against wear and deposits in the harshest operating conditions.

    The only way to determine if ROTELLA T can help with oil consumption is to give it a try. At least you’ll get better oil performance, at a price that is likely more attractive.

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