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    Default Re: Independent PTO vs Live PTO

    On my L3010DT I have independent PTO. It of course works great but I don't like it at all for the reason stated in JM3's link:

    <font color=blue>(If you needed to stop the PTO in a panic situation, can you find that little lever or button as quickly as you can "stomp" the clutch pedal all the way down?)</font color=blue>

    I like being able to stomp hard on that peddle and have EVERYTHING stop. I think in the effort of dumbing down tractor operation safety took a hit here. Just my opinion. And was a 2 stage clutch really that difficult?

    As for wearing out an independent clutch brake (from the link), it is a good idea to idle down the engine first anyway when disengaging the PTO. Your engine makes a much better, faster brake than anything else, and it can take it just fine. And then the clutch brake can take the implement from idle RPM down to zero with out much wear.

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    Default Re: Independent PTO vs Live PTO

    On some Kioti's they put a panic button on the right fender. It's real easy to remember. I'm sure there are other manufacturers that either do it that way or will in the future. This is one advantage to the electronically controlled PTO's that are coming on new tractors. I would say a person could make their own panic button if they wanted, as long as the PTO is engaged electronically, but beware of the liabilities to doing any mods to PTO's ROPS, seat belt's etc. We're in a suing society don't forget!!

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