<font color=blue>While I was going through this thread, I came to the description of your 300 lb friend sitting on a front blade to keep the front down since an earlier pull had lifted it like a wheelie. My vision was a large person being hurled backward as the tractor did another wheelie. I knew a guy who got killed when his tractor dumped him like that. I'm sure you did it carefully and slowly, but when stuff happens, it always happens faster than you can react to it. I'd go for the suitcase weights. </font color=blue>

I'm sure my hefty friend would agree with you. [img]/w3tcompact/icons/smile.gif[/img] What an awful thought... him sailing off over the trees somewhere! [img]/w3tcompact/icons/eyes.gif[/img]

But.. this wasn't really a potential tip-over situation, and it wasn't a "pull" at all but rather a lift of the 3pt hitch. I would raise the rear dirt scoop, which only goes up a foot or two, and the tractor, with its brakes locked, was similarly only able to raise the front end a foot or two. There was nothing I could have done in this situation that could have caused the front to rise higher than that. It isn't like a situation where the rear drive wheels are turning and a actual tip-over would be a possible outcome.

But your point is well-taken.. much better to use metal weights than human ones!