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    Default oil pressure for yanmar 1500d

    I'm new to this forum--good to be here! as you see, I have a ym 1500d whose oil pressure idiot light died. I replaced it with a gauge--pressure now reads 45-50 psi, which sounds good to me but I can't find anywhere what the proper operating pressure should be on this machine. Any help out there? thanks.

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    Default Re: oil pressure for yanmar 1500d

    Need more info.

    What oil are you running?
    What RPM = what pressure?
    How warm is the tractor?

    Here is a guideline or "rule of thumb"

    using 10w30 you should have
    10-20 psi hot at idle and 15-30 psi cold at idle
    20-30 psi hot at 1/2 throttle and 25-50psi cold at 1/2 throttle
    30-40 psi hot at full rpm and 40-60 psi cold at full rpm

    5w30 will reduce those numbers, 5w40 will be about the same and 15w40 will be higher. Winter time "cold" will make it higher too, just like summer time "hot" will make it lower.

    From what you list, I would say you have excellent oil pressure. It will probably outlast you with proper maintenance. Remember change the oil, but MORE IMPORTANTLY keep the air filter clean clean clean clean. 95% of the wear comes from the contamination in the air.


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    Default Re: oil pressure for yanmar 1500d

    Thanks, JB, I haven't let it run for long yet--was waiting/looking for more info. running 10w30 and getting 40-50 psi cold. I'll go ahead and operate now and see what happens--have a big day tomorrow moving dirt from one end of the property to another, so will keep a close eye on it. appreciate your response.

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