the kunz eng (acrease) are each 57 inches and the 425 is 60 inches, so a few inches of the pt are going to the hillside portion and the rest are staying on top of the hill, burm etc. for stability. if you have a large burm, it is my recommendation to only use one wing mower at the time with a pt425, i have my reasons, and those reasons gave me the honorary test pilot title.

The seat on the pt425 is not what i like. someone has looked into another seat on this site, i don't know where that search stands. i hope to replace it with some sort of a hydraulic or pneumatic seat.

once you have mastered the way the pt425 moves you can do a very good job at mowing for a living. we are in a very competitive turf area here on the east coast and have never had any complaints about our mowing large areas with a pt425.

for smaller areas the pt425, is too slow in turning tight turns, compared to our exmark and kubota zero turn mowers. but we use the pt425 to load and unload the kunz machines and as tractor to pull them also.

we have kohler and kawasaki eng. but wear ear protection at all times, so i really can't tell the difference.

Would love and have asked chris at pt many times about a diesel option for the 425. so far no positive response. i keep trying.