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    Default BX2200 Rotary Cutting

    BXers: I hear that a standard 4' rotary cutter is a bit much for the BX 2200 to handle weight wise. I am down to the final moments of purchasing a tractor and leaning towards the BX over the B7500 for it's superior lawn mowing capabilty and ease of changing the MMM. Is the BX marginal when it comes to rotary cutting? Of course I want to hear that the BX can do it all.

    Also, I am hoping to do some serious digging and scraping with the FEL on the BX. I am hoping that with technique I can do alot.

    Just how capable is this little rig?



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    Default Re: BX2200 Rotary Cutting

    Go down to the kubota forum and look at the thread about KK XB implements. They make a 4 foot rotary cutter especially for the BX. I have dug with my BX, it takes more time and perhaps good technique but it really depends on what you plan to dig?? The FEL is really meant for scooping, backhoes are for digging--so I am told.
    Not talking you out of the 7500, but I got a 2410 also which I think has the same MMM the 7500 has. The BX is far better as a mower in all repects including removing and reattaching, that said my 2410 seems to be half way decent as a mower--but--really--it is to big, too heavy and that is my opinion. Since my BX is going to live with my dad and sister and husband I suspect I better get used to the 2410 and learn to maximise it's strengths and minimise it's weaknesses just as you will have to do with either a BX or a 7500--just different strengths and weaknesses.

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