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    Default Flats, tubes, water & sealers?

    My old International had big tubeless tires filled with water. When I got an occasional flat, I just plugged it and refilled it and was on my merry way - no problem.

    I have a new Cub Cadet which was shipped with water filled TUBED tires!! Why inner tubes?? I found one theory - they can use cheaper 3-ply tires with tubes rather than 6-ply they mount tubeless. Now when I get a flat, rather than a 5 minute $1 repair with a plug, it's a three day, $60 service call from the tire shop to pull the wheel and patch the tube!

    Someone told me I could just have the tires mounted tubeless even if they're not rated that way. Is this true? Also, most of our flats are from mesquite thorns, which a sealer would prevent. But as far as I know you can't use the sealers with water filled tires. Is this true? Or are there sealers that are water compatible? Without water in the tires, I fear the rear-end of my tractor will be so light I'd bounce all over the place.

    At more than $2000.00, I can't afford foam-filling the tires. What's the solution??

    Thanks, Bubba

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    Default Re: Flats, tubes, water & sealers?

    I'd like to know too! Can 3 ply tires be mounted tubless? Or is there a tire sealer you can use with water? I wonder why no replies to these questions?

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    Default Re: Flats, tubes, water & sealers?

    A lot of tractors use tubes to protect the rims from whatever you load the tire with.

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    Default Re: Flats, tubes, water & sealers?

    How would a tube protect rims? As soon as you get a puncture, the fluid runs out the tube and around to the valve stem. There it sits till you pull the wheel and patch the tube.

    I checked and "Green Slime" is a tire sealer, but it can't be used with water. Same with the stuff Tractor Supply sells. There has to be a better way!

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    Default Re: Flats, tubes, water & sealers?

    Liquid volumes and weights for water for various trye sizes <A target="_blank" HREF=></A>

    Might be usfull, at least for the liquid volumes required for your tyres.

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    Default Re: Flats, tubes, water & sealers?

    I tried using Gempler's sealer with water in my tubed tires. Doesn't work, I still get flats.

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    Default Re: Flats, tubes, water & sealers?

    The tube protects the rim for the period of time that there is no leak.. say for instance your tires are filled.. and you use the tractor for 5 years with no leaks... the rims will still be uncoroded. Rims with CC and no tube would show some corrosion, etc.


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