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    Default B7100 Rear Finishing Mower

    I have just bought a 1995 B7100. I would like to buy a 5 foot rear finishing mower but I am not sure the B7100 could handle it. I will be cutting about 5 acres of lawn. Will a 5 foot mower strain the B7100? Any experience with this? Is weight a problem? Any suggestions on Brands or Models? Prices?

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    Default Re: B7100 Rear Finishing Mower

    TipTop, I had a '95 B7100, but never had a finish mower for it (used a Cub Cadet lawn tractor instead in those days). I talked to my dealer about getting a 5' finish mower and he recommended against it; said to go with a 4' one instead. However, he did tell me he had some customers using the 5' finish mowers that were happy with them. He said the tractor had enough power for the mowing, but that a 5' mower is just about too heavy for the 3-point to lift without adding weight to the front of the tractor. I think he was right because a 5' finish mower on the B2710 did not require weights on the front of the tractor, but you could definitely tell the front end was a bit light when I picked up the mower.

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