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    I bought a used Kioti 3054 [year 2000] and it came without a manual. I am getting a light on the dash when the tractor is cold. The light appears to be a circle inside of a square with a notch on top of the square. The circle is diasected 2/3 of the way up with a solid line and has several lines connecting this diasecting line vertically to the bottom of the circle. I assume it is either hydraulic or oil. I called me dealer and he could not remember what the light was for.

    I assumed hydraulic was the message and changed the fluid and the filter. It still comes on only when the tractor is cold and when the hydraulic fluid bubble reaches the middle, it appears to go off. When the tractor is warm, it never comes on. This is new behavior in the past several weeks though last winter it happened irregularly.

    Does anyone know what this light is indicating? Does it sound like hydraulics? Is the warning a level warning or pressure warning, etc.?
    Thanks much!

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    First, welcome to the fourms! You will find it is a greatplace for information on your tractor.

    I have the same tractor and there is a simular discussion going on over here:

    I think your describing the oil pressure light. It sounds like mine and has been coming on at low idle reciently. I'm going to change the oil / filter this weekend to see if it goes away. I don't think this model tractor has a hydraulic fluid pressure indicator light... but I could be wrong. I'll look in my manual again to be sure.

    I might suggest you post your question in the Kioti fourm for a better response.


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    Thanks for the reply. Reading your link to the other discussion, it seems there is a lot of confusion on what the guages are. I can see the water theory making sense. I'll check that out too. Thanks for helping a newbie!

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