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    I echo everything Jim just said. Mine is set up and operates exactly as he described it. Only difference is I have 5 SCVs, three for the FEL and two for the rear TnT. My 4in1 operates off the three SCVs for the FEL. The KC-Canary technician did a great job setting up these hydraulics and made it real simple. There is a diverter valve built in here. I operate that by a switch on the right fender. By pressing the switch, I can easily operate the hydraulic functions for the rear TnT with the FEL joystick just as I would be when using it for the FEL bucket. Forward-backward motion with the joystick controls the top link extension/contraction and left-right motion controls the right cylinder for the tilt extension/contraction.

    This 4in1 is a great bucket and I think it's well worth the few extra hundred dollars than if you purchased just the HD bucket. In my case, I got spoiled and I purchased them both [img]/w3tcompact/icons/grin.gif[/img].


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    Guys...thanks for the help! Certainly is reassuring to be able to hear from someone who's been there.

    Without your glowing endorsements I may have backed off of the 4 in 1. Tonight I was looking over the area I need to clear and could visualize how many tasks that bucket can perform for me. Thanks again...Al

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