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    Default Re: Neither a borrower or a lender be?

    Where I grew up, a bunch of us all did most projects together, and we loaned/bprrowed between each other as needed - one guy had lots of mechanics tools, another had the carpentry tools, etc.

    Usually, the necessary equip showed up w/ the necessary labor, and then we'd move on to the next project.

    Now, I'll loan out tools and stuff, but I hate to borrow - If I need it more than once, I'll buy it.

    The tractor - I have one neighbor who can borrow it anytime, and I'll gladly run it if I'm not busy (but he's probably more qualified than I am). Anyone else, I'll be over if I'm available...until they take advantage. Then I get real busy real fast.

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    Default Re: Neither a borrower or a lender be?

    Golly, I have neighbor like that..... He borrows and don't return. Then I would look for it and then ask him if he has it..... "OH ya" he would say.

    Took me a long time to learn. Too nice of a guy I guess. One time was the Power washer.. It was electric. Not much of a washer but he came over and asked me if it was supposed to smoke..... HUH? I bought a gas one after that. He hasn't borrowed it nor will he.....

    And the neighbor's wife came over and borrowed the small tiller.. I filled it with my gas and she left. Probably my fault this happened, but then my wife used it and it seized up. Yep, it was full of gas but not 2 cycle gas. My wife didn't understand what happened and why would she? It had gas in it from the last time she used it. I did.....

    SO, no more borrowing.........

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    Default Re: Neither a borrower or a lender be?

    My rule of loaning AND borrowing is fairly simple---the item loaned has to be returned in the same condition it was in when it left with RATIONAL allowances for NORMAL wear and tear. If it self-destructs, gets 'lost', stolen, etc., it must be replaced.
    Of course now that I'm on the subject, I remember that my neighbor has yet to return my two-man gas-powered post hole digger that he borrowed for the second time. The first time he returned it the shear pin was sheared. Somehow he failed to mention that. I should have grown a tougher attitude when he asked to use it again, but I couldn't because 'he's my neighbor'. Now I found out that he didn't borrow it (the second time) to do work on his own property, but some friend of his that's putting on a deck! Was supposed to return it last week. Still don't see it. Plan to ambush him tonight when he gets home from work.
    Lesson learned.

    Jim S.

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