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    Default Tilling

    I currently do not own a tractor but I come ask a question about using one. I have a patch of land that I would like to have some compost spread around and then tilled to make a garden and orchard. It is about 1/4 acre and has been bush hogged once. It is full of about 1/8-1/2 inch saplings of ilex, wax myrtle, tupelo, and other shrubs. But what's worse is it has some palmettos some dead (armadillo ate out the heart) some still alive. I need a game plan as to how to make something like this


    something like this

    I would leave the pine trees unless you think they would need to come down due them dying after the tilling and creating a hazard?

    Can I just spread the compost and till? Then follow with weekly cuts with my walk behind bush hog? OR must the palmettos be dug up with a back hoe? Is Bush hogging it first necessary? Would the roots be a problem? I can hardly dig in the soil with a shovel or post hole diggers there are so many roots but they only go down about 8-14" then you have good nice soil and sometimes water. I know how to operate a tractor But would I bet better off renting one or paying someone to do this? How long should it take? and How much should I expect to pay if having this done by someone else?

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    Welcome to the forum. Your first link looked like areas I use to live in in N. Florida many years ago. I would be surprised if a tiller would work its way through those palmettos. As I recall they can be pretty tough. I suppose a backhoe would take care of them if you had enough time. A small dozer would make fast work of them and you might get someone in for $500 or so.

    Good luck,

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    Default Re: Tilling

    I second the "Dozer" method of removal and ground prep for Tilling and soil addition.
    I rented on 10 years ago, Some places have "Homeowner rental" policies where they drop off the equipment for the w/e and give you 8 hrs of Tac Time (Dry as in you pay for the fuel on top of the price).

    You should be able to get that into shape over a w/e rental... 600 or less I'd guess the price now would be.

    Here is a Hertz rental listing for Dozers with price in the PNW
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    Default Re: Tilling

    For a garden, you really want the tree's to go. The shade that they provide is not desired for garden plots.

    I would not do a stump grinding. You want as much of the root bulb out of there as possible. Get a tractor to dig it out. I just removed a 30 ft tree from the middle of a old gravel pit that I am starting to re-use. Cut down the tree and then used the FEL on my kubota 2920 to dig around the base until I could get out most of the roots.

    For tillering, I'd get a reversing one. I have one (Land Pride RTR0550) and it does a great job. Don't get one that uses sheer bolts, but rather one that has a slip clutch. You will break a lot of bolts on a new plot.

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